Yankel Ginzburg

Paintings and Sculptures

"While working, I have always loved a creative challenge. Artistic versatility has - and continues to be - a strong suit for me. In a smooth, sweeping transition, my art has evolved from mystical symbolism and realism to abstraction. I mark the shifts in my art by the people I have met, not pieces of my art. Normally I can pinpoint a transitional period not by what I was painting, but by when I fell in love.

"We are on the verge of the twenty-first century, and art is very much a living language through which we communicate with future generations. Now my body of works envisions the time that is to come, which I see as full of optimism, hope and excitement. I am unafraid to experiment with any and all modern tools that will help me depict this future. Fore example, while creating an original, I may use air brushes, various chemical compounds or any other method I can devise to establish my own vision of the future on canvas, board or the multi-deminsional acrylic sculptures I create."

"My art as a whole is like entering another life where all is calm and ordered. You are really on an island adrift in time in a surrealist landscape where the most delicate nonsequesters are poised together. Here is space that is at once disciplined and free, open and ambiguous.

Yankel Ginzburg

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