Yankel Ginzburg - Limited Edition Sculptures


"Little did I know, while experimenting with acrylic forms, that several years later I would be creating the most extensive collection of limited edition sculptures. I, who find beauty and optimism in all around me, could not have approached the execution of this massive body of work with any lesser zest for vibrancy in the life of the material - thus, the enormous dedication to the quality of all of my limited editions."

"Searching for and securing the acrylic material from various manufacturing sources is a task no less tiresome than the one that Michaelangelo faced while exploring the quarries of Italy to find suitable marble for his creations. Once acquiring the necessary acrylic, I design the various shapes and forms and subsequently all of them are cut by hand and sanded to conform to the original design."

"When the acrylic reaches it's absolute perfection, following extensive polishing of the material, I will then sit at my easel and in acrylic pigment (generic material to the sculpture itself), I will paint the various compositions which have been etched on my brain and soul. When the edition is completed, it is inspected for imperfections and subsequently engraved with my signature and numbered by myself. The prismatic qualities of the acrylic material intertwined with my exploding colors, tamed by my forms, are my small way of honoring the beauty and spirit of human nature."

Yankel Ginzburg