Yankel Ginzburg

Limited Edition Prints

"My first introduction to the limited graphic editions was in my early years in the Academy, where my professors would spend countless hours in unraveling the mysteries of the most fascinating graphic techniques. My first love, serigraphy, allowed me to express myself in the same manner that a poet would be able to take his short verse and elaborately develop it into a novel, and vice/versa. Quality and professionalism are the secrets to the longevity of a work when executing a multiple of any kind. Therefore, some of the boards that I am screening or lithographing on are made of space-age material, permitting me unlimited possibilities in choosing the most vibrant and complicated mixes of colors that I can envision. All papers used in the printing of my mixed-medias are acid-free, and of the finest quality."

"Aside from the boards and the finest papers, careful consideration to the design sequence of the color printing is most important. Plates that are to be used in printing of such editions are carefully prepared in my studio and - immediately after completion of the printing sequence - are destroyed so no future duplication will be possible. In some instances, I choose not to work from a master painting - I just allow myself to wander though the various stages of the printing process, and at whim, change any image or color to suit my most obvious moods."

"To quote famed painter Robert Rauschenberg when asked what art is, 'You take an object and you do something to it again and again and again', therefore eluding that the finished product is not the ultimate art, but is the process itself. Thus came the idea of the mixed-media, where I allow myself the freedom of mixing more than one technique in the continuous process, which is capped off with my signing and numbering of the edition; either on paper, or if it is made on board, directly on the image itself."

Yankel Ginzburg

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