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The Art and Life of Yankel Ginzburg
By Herman Taube

This glorious, special edition, 352 page, 11" x 12" hard cover contemporary art book recounts the life and art of renowned artist Yankel Ginzburg.  A beautiful album eloquently written and illustrated with over 358 reproductions and 142 color plates.

This limited run is being offered from Vincent Lee Publishing Inc.  Each book is personally autographed or dedicated by the artist making this exquisite art book a wonderful rare collector's item and a must for your personal library.

About the Author

Since he arrived in the United States in 1947, Herman Taube has written for numerous newspapers and is the author of a variety of books, from poetry to prose.  His most recent include Land of Blue Skies, Between the Shadows; New and Selected Works, and Refugee Village (winner of the "Morris Rodman Prize" of 1992).  Taube, a graduate of American University with an M.A. in Literature-Creative Writing, lectures regularly on Literature, World War II, and the Holocaust.  He has taught at the University of Maryland and the American University and currently is a faculty member at the College of Jewish Studies.  As a journalist, critic, and historian, he found it natural to pursue and write about the art and life of Yankel Ginzburg (a man truly colored by his past).  In addition to his works on Yankel Ginzburg he has also written a new novel, My Baltimore Compatriots, which was published by Dryad Press in January 1995 and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

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